Jesse Feldman

Happy Birthday Herm!!!

One of my favorite Herm memories was after we walked through a Bastile Day celebration in New York City. He asked if I was hungry, then he said “We should order a bottle of champagne.”  Best brunch date ever!

Happy birthday, Herm! Lots of love from Brooklyn.

Madison Beumer

 madi dog  madi herm

Dear Zaida,
I am truly the luckiest girl in the world to have grown up with you as my grandfather. You have left quite the legacy in the last 80 years and I hope you take the day to enjoy the love from family and friends that you have accrued throughout the journey.

Sending you SO SO SO much love!!!!

Happy birthday Zaida,
and don’t even think about thanking me, thank the Sun!!!


madi carmen herm

Bev & Ross Huckle and family

Dear Herm,

You have been a huge and positive influence on the lives of Marjorie’s family and siblings. You have been part of my memories almost from the beginning; at first as the sophisticated boyfriend of a very glamorous grown up sister, (you were both in high school at the time) and I was at the very impressionable age of 6.

From the beginning you delivered memorable times, sister Merle, brother Brian and I could always count on you to provide new and exciting experiences, for instance, you took us to our first A&W ever in Winnipeg, where you introduced us to roller skating waitresses, car service and Root Beer.

You welcomed a shy and awkward teenager into your home and guided me, not without some fireworks through grades 10 and 11, all the while gaining your Masters Degree, raising three kids and running a drive way paving business.

You were and are an incredible and generous host. Our mom, sixty five year old Vera, newish husband Ross, nine month old Tim and now somewhat grown up me had our first big trip to the tropics and plane ride when we visited you and Marj in Puerto Rico. That was just the beginning of many memorable vacations which you hosted.

The Huckle branch of the family did have a chance to play host to you Herm when you and Marj paid us a surprise visit to Baden – Sollingheim, West Germany. We spent a great New Years together and I recall you impressing an entire squadron of 104 Pilots at the Officers Mess.

There are just so many good times to recall but you really had to be there.

Thank you Herm for your generosity; for demonstrating that the world is an exciting place and for encouraging us to get out there and experience it.

Happy Birthday from all of the Huckle Family in Saskatoon, Nordegg and Moose Jaw.

David Decker

David Decker

Dear Herm,

This is late. Everything I do these days is late. I have children, as you know. And I will freely use them as an excuse for why this is late.

You have children. So you know. Though knowing you as I do, you likely, and bravely, never used them as an excuse.

As a matter of fact, one of your unique children brought me and my extended family into your life. And you into ours. My first view of Lia, as she well knows, is as a pissed off college bound girl waiting for an 18th floor dorm elevator next to a silent man with a well-trimmed beard. Apparently, things weren’t going as planned. Freshman drop-off day at college!

There are three things I remember from that moment in Warren Towers. First and foremost was the coat of many rabbit skins Lia was wearing. Those white, tan and brown skins have burned a place in my memory banks that cannot be erased. Second, as I mentioned, was Lia’s indisputable mood. And third, as I’ve also mentioned, was your neatly trimmed beard. My first lesson in college: How fine a beard could be when properly trimmed! Mine, until that time, was often a mess.

Unique is a good word for your children. Each of them unique in their own way. It’s not hard to understand the origin of that uniqueness. You and your lovely wife have charted a fascinating and unconventional path through life. Can I say that your trademarks seem to have been (and continue to be, I imagine) taking large bites out of the human experience, outspokenness and fearless exploration? Well, it seems I just did.

Frankly, as I got to know Lia, and by extension, you and your whole family, those traits were a source of continued lessons to my sheltered, suburban born mentality. For my father as well, if I can presume to say.

How, you might ask, can one top the amazing usefulness of gaining beard-trimming knowledge? Well. All I can say is that getting to know the Bassin clan did. And still does.

Bravo, Herm Bassin! Congratulations on 80 well-lived years.

With love and admiration,

David Decker

Stephen & Sarah Katz and family

A very happy 80th Birthday from your New Zealand cousins.  I’m sad we won’t be in PR to celebrate your simcha but be we’re planning to come to PR for your anniversary.
Have a great day, Much love,
the Katzs

My favourite Herm story was told to me by uncle Mel (Herm’s father):

“We had an addition to our family, a bundle of joy, a son named Irving Herman.  He was cute and we were extremely happy to have him with us.  We devoted a lot of time to him, but we loved every minute being with him. He started walking early.  I was in a big accident about the same time Herm started walking.  I had a broken nose, lost a few teeth and had bandages on my head and face.  I didn’t know what was on my son’s mind when he passed by me, and he picked up a piece of kindling, a long stick and he hit me right on the nose where the stitches were.  Don’t ask; I did see stars and I jumped in pain and yelled. I didn’t know what hit me.”

Then uncle Mel turned to me and said, “when you grow up you should try to be like your cousin Herm. He is smart, educated, generous, and a good son.”

That you are.  Happy Birthday Herm.

sarah katz 2

Visiting Vietnam

sarah katz

All the kids and their partners at Olya’s wedding